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by emymsm & mingc

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Hello and welcome to squarecutwishes, the shared graphics community of
dolcedraco, and emymsm. This co-owned community was established on the 17th of September 2006, out of the desperate desires of both of the maintainers' need to spread their icon-love.
Both dolcedraco and emymsm have participated in numerous icontests, dabbling in a range of fandoms. They would like to share with you their joy and take this opportunity to flaunt their talent, so please take a moment or two to check out their awards page.
Please comment with what you are taking.
Credit is essential. Please be sure to credit the respective icon-maker; either
dolcedraco or emymsm. Or you can also choose to credit the community,
Please do not claim these icons as yours.
No hotlinking! Please save and upload onto own server.
Most importantly, ENJOY!
Read more on our rules here.

Want to affiliate with us?
Please comment here.

d0rk_icons early_evening
fadedblueness heroes_100
heroes_ic iconbreak
lali_sweety lovebound
mushii_brain masked_lovex
potc_ic tomorrow_brings

To keep things tidier around here, and for easier navigation, we've tagged all of our posts. You can view all the tags over here, which are sorted by fandom.
Tags marked with an asterisk (*) indicates non-icon content, but still graphic related.
Feeling confused and want to ask us a question?
Just want to rant at us?

Please don't hesitate to contact us here, or visit our FAQ section.
Also, please feel free to join or watch our community!
And don't forget to link back!

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